When something goes wrong, 
you should take it to a specialist.

Serving Portland, ME & Portsmouth, NH with foreign & automatic transmission repair service

Welcome to Northeast Transmission! We are a leading provider of transmission repair in the Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH area. Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual, a foreign transmission or domestic, front wheel drive or 4-wheel drive, we can handle your transmission repair for you. We can also handle general auto repairs, so if something is wrong with the engine of your car and you’re not sure what it is, don’t hesitate to bring it to us.

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We are now a licensed inspection station!

Why would you want to come to a transmission repair specialist instead of a general mechanic? Think about it this way: if you needed brain surgery, would you go to your regular family doctor or to a neurosurgeon? Your transmission is one of the most complex and vital parts of your vehicle. When something goes wrong, you should take it to a specialist.

So the next time you hear strange noises, have trouble shifting, or notice a burning smell in your car, bring it to us. We’ll provide you with the transmission repair you need safely and quickly, and we’ll provide some of the most competitive pricing and the best customer service in the area to go with it. That is our promise to you. We also offer student and military discounts! Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

Serving Maine & New Hampshire.

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